What is the internet of things(IOT)?


Friends today we will talk about the Internet of Things or IoT. These are very advanced technology, we will use this technology in the coming time. This technology will also help in our daily life.          

     Internet of Things which has the word "Internet". We would connect with people through the internet. In the same way, through the internet of things, we are connected to the devices or simply say that all the devices which we used to control with the on or off button, now with the coming of this technology, we can work by connecting it with the internet. . Which you can control anywhere you live. With the help of this technology, our lives are going to be very easy. Internet of things can also use advanced technology with home appliances. Which will save you time. Smartwatches, smart glass, vehicles, and many more things can be connected through the internet.

Understand how the Internet of things works through a small example.

 Suppose you get an important call. You get out of the house quickly. After going some distance you remember that you have left the window and door of your house open by mistake. Then you can close your window and door with the help of the Internet of Things. If you have a sensor installed on your window and door, which is connected to your mobile phone via the Internet, then you can remove this problem. This advanced technology is going to be very helpful in the coming time.

The benefit of the Internet of things IoT

Efficient resource utilization- With the help of the Internet of Things, we can save resources like electricity, water, etc.                      Example - If you have forgotten to turn off the lights and fan before going out of the house, with the help of IoT you can turn it off if you have implemented IoT at your house.

Health- You can also use IoT in the field of health. We will connect the sensors with the patient and the doctor. So that the doctor can check the patient's condition on time.

Agriculture- In order to have good crops, for this, valuable information about things like good soil, climate, temperature, etc. can be passed on to the farmers with the help of IoT.

Save Time- With the help of IoT, our daily life work has become very easy. All equipment that can be turned on and off. With the help of IoT, he can operate from sitting.

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