What is EMYS Robot ? how it will help to learn new technology ?

 Why EMYS was created?

The robot named EMYS is created by the Flash robotics company. The main purpose of making it is to teach new languages. Through this, children will try to learn many different languages. EMYS is the most advanced educational robot in the world. The special thing about EMYS is that they can reveal their emotion. They can speak, feel depressed, express their happiness or say that they actually manifest human emotions. Its shape is very unique, due to which children are very fond of it. Its Emotion Show is making a good bond with kids. Because of which children are attracted to it.

History Of  EMYS

The team that created the emys robot is Flash Robotics. Which has two engineers Kedzierski and Michal Dziergwa and a designer Krzysztof Kubasek from Poland.

Structure of EMYS

The shape of the emys has 11 pairs, including 2 in the eyes, 4 in the eyelids, 3 in the neck, 2 pairs in the upper and lower discs. The main movable elements of EMYS is its upper and lower discs. Middle discs are fixed to supporting structure. The emys have eyeballs, eyelids, and eyebrows on the middle discs. eyeballs may open and close. The eyeballs and eyelids can turn around the horizontal axis. EMYS reveals his feelings. Eyeballs come outward when they are sad or depressed, while they go inward when angry or depressed. EMYS enhances the head's extensibility when showing surprise. The head of the emys is made of aluminum.

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