Have you ever thought about this, if a computer can understand our thinking? Then how easy would our work become? But to think like this means to imagine a world where computers and humans are friends with each other. The computer should understand human feelings, talk to him. All this is possible through "Blue Eyes Technology". This is the kind of technology where computer systems can understand human beings, feel their emotions, react to their talk. The basic idea behind this technology is to give "manpower to computers". Blue Eyes Technology works with both Bluetooth and Eye Mill. Blue Eyes technology is based on the Blue eyes research project that starts in 1997. it conducted by the research team of IBM at its Almaden Research Center(ARC)in San Jose, California.  Blue Eyes technology consists of

CSU(Central System Unit)

DAU(Data Acquisition unit)

Type of emotional sensory

  • For hand- Emotional mouse, Sentic mouse
  • For eye- Expression glasses, Magic pointing, eye tracking
  • For voice- Artificial Intelligence, speech recognition

Technologies used

  • Emotional mouse- The emotional mouse is an advanced mouse that used to evaluate the user's emotions like anger, fear, happiness, sadness, pulse rate, etc. It also helps to get behavior information and physiological information.
  • Artificial Intelligent Speech Recognition- In this technology input word is scanned with the already fed word. The user uses a microphone to speak to the computer for identification purposes. Those words are filtered to ADC and the store in RAM. This is artificial intelligence where an automatic call handling system is used without employees and any telephone operator.
  • Manual and Gaze input- This technology know as a magical point. In these two magical pointing one conservative and one liberal were designed, analyzed, and implement with an eye tracker developed. The magical point used to reduce the cursor movement needed for the target section.
  • Suitor- Suitor stands for "Simple User Interest Tracker".Suitor tracking user behavior and reaction. By observing the webpage at bedizen is browsing, the Suitor can help by fetching more information at his desktop. By observing the user's behavior Suitor finds and displays relevant information.
  • Eye movement Sensor- This device works on eye movement and eye position.   

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