How to create a facebook page?

Creating a Facebook page is very easy and also free. So let's know how to create Facebook pages.

STEP1- First of all go to your Facebook personal profile, if you do not have a Facebook personal profile, open your new Facebook account.

STEP2-Now we will click the corner button on the right side, then click on the create page option. Like click on create page, after that, you will have  options, click on what you have to choose

STEP3-  Select your options and click on Get Started and enter all the options and press continue and Apply a profile picture and cover picture, if you do not have a picture, you can skip and move.

STEP4-  Now whatever your page name is, you have to take the username, after that, you will click on the create username.

STEP5- Now your Facebook page is set up

So, now your Facebook page is ready, so how did you find the way to create a Facebook page. In this way, you can create more than one page.

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