Health is the biggest wealth in life. In today's part-time period, people have forgotten to take care of their health. Good health can say that it is mental, physical, socially healthy. A healthy person builds a healthy society. To live a good life and to live a happy life, it is necessary to have a healthy body. If
our wealth goes away then it can be brought back, but once health is gone, it cannot be brought back.
If we do not have any kind of disease and stress, then we can participate in all the activities well, otherwise, our mind will not be engaged in any work.

Healthy is not a state, a way of life, or a process. This process should be learned in any person from childhood so that we can spend our lives in a healthy way. It is quite helpful to have a little health care. Getting up at the right time and eating right - drinking, taking care of all things, etc. We should be aware of our health. Today's time is related to some physical problems from the child to the old man. According to earlier, now the food items do not have that quality. Good health forms the basis of doing all kinds of things in life. People who do not have good health always feel depressed, so they should pay attention to their health
Everyone wants to know how to do it for good health, so let's look at some important things -
1- For good health, it is very important for us to sleep for 6 hours.
2- Make a habit of defecation regularly, wash your eyes with cold water, so that your eyes will get rid of the problem.
3- If you have a problem with obesity, diabetes, then drink lukewarm water in the morning.
4- Always eat food chewed.
5- Daily workout should be done.
This is something an important thing that all people should do. There is nothing more valuable than health. It is said that all human beings are different from each other, in the same way, every one's health and its problem also appear. So everyone will have to do a little bit to overcome their health problem. Because once our health has deteriorated, it cannot be done as before by giving lakhs of rupees to it, so we have to correct our daily routine.

What environmental pollution affects our health

Environmental pollution has become a major problem in today's time. The polluted environment is not only giving rise to new diseases but also people are dying from it. Environmental pollution has become poison for us, even today we cannot take a good breath. Breathing in polluted air means inviting respiratory-related diseases. To live a healthy life, clean air, water is required. Due to consuming polluted air, we may suffer from asthma, cough, burning sensation, itching, etc.
 Now the question arises as to how our environment was so polluted, so it is our responsibility as we have set up a tree cutting factory which has polluted our environment due to the smoke emanating from it. Due to which our health is in danger today. A healthy body is not meant to be away from diseases but also to be overcome by stress. But how can we become stress-free by seeing so much pollution around us? So for this, we have to maintain cleanliness around us. For this, plant more and more trees. So that the environment pollination is reduced. Seeing green plants will keep our mind happy and we will also be free from stress, we will get clean air to breathe.

Health is very important for people of all age groups, so everyone should exercise regularly so that we stay away from diseases and keep cleanliness around us and plant more and more trees so that we can all be stress-free. are. Only when we remain completely healthy will we be able to do any work.

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