Mata Nirmala Devi was the founder of Sahaja Yoga.

The discovery of Sahaja Yoga Nirmala Srivastava that he is also known as "SHRI MATA NIRMALA DEVI", Sahaja Yoga in Kundali awakening and uninterrupted social mental peace helps people to become self-aware and help themselves to go.

 Some important things about Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi.

Shri Nirmala Mataji was born on 21 March 1930 in Linga, Chhindwara. Her father was Prasad Rao and her mother Cornelia salve. chose the name Nirmala, which means  "immaculate". Nirmala Devi was born on a day when day and night are equal. On this day, the Sun completes its journey from the equator to the Tropic of Cancer.  When Nirmala Mataji was born, there was a peaceful smile on her face.

Quit India Movement - Shri Nirmala Devi also joined the Quit India Movements. Her father was a fighter and her mother had gone to jail for agitating against the British many times, due to the freedom struggle, she left her doctoral studies in Lahore midway.
                                   Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi was the founder of a new religious movement called Sahaja Yoga. Where did he make this statement about herself, that he is a complete incarnation of Adishakti?  He got his support from his followers settled in 140 countries. On 5 May 1970, Nirmala Devi gave knowledge of Sahaja Yoga to the world.


Meditation is done by sitting in easy posture in Sahaja Yoga. Those who practice it feel a cool breeze from head to hands during meditation. Sahaja Yoga is not only a working name but also a technical or primarily soul. Is propaganda and awakens the horoscope. Sahaja yoga developed by Mata Nirmala Devi is also very beneficial for mental and physical health.

Many benefits of Sahaja Yoga

  • For general health.
  • It is also beneficial in diseases
  • Also beneficial for students.
  • Stress-free
  • Concentration
  • communication skill
  • Get rid of bad habits

How to do Sahaja Yoga

  1. With your right hand on your heart, ask your Kundalini three-time "Mother, am I the spirit?".
  2. Right hand on your upper stomach, just below the ribs, ask three times "Mother, am I own master?".
  3. Right hand on your left lower stomach, just above the left hip, ask six times "Mother please give me the pure knowledge".
  4. Return the right hand to the upper stomach and say confidently ten times "Mother, I am my own master".
  5. Right hand to the heart, say confidently twelve times"Mother, I am spirit".
  6. Right hand at the point where the left shoulder meets the neck. Turn the heard to the right and say sixteen-time "Mother, I am not guilty".
  7. Place your right hand across the forehead, gently grasping the temple and say "Mother, I forgive everyone".
  8. Right hand on the back of the head say"Mother, for any mistake I have done against myself, please forgive me".
  9. Right hand on top of the head, stretch the fingers upwards, the center of the palm and rotate clockwise and ask seven-time "Mother, please give me my self - realization"

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