Why choose YouTube Marketing ?

What is YouTube Marketing?

At a rapid pace, it has taught us to be technology-friendly. Without technology, it will be difficult to work in the market. Today, if we want to do business or move ahead, we have to get into the online market. Where there is business there will be marketing. Selling your product on an online platform is called "online marketing" or "digital marketing".

        YouTube marketing is power full marketing, in which you tell your work through your videos. So that traffic increases on your own channel and through it, any business or product can be marketed. YouTube marketing is a part of digital marketing. U Tube is the second largest visiting site after Google. So it is very easy to do marketing through YouTube without any money.

YouTube Account Setup

Step1- Go to your YouTube and click sign up.

Step2-Enter your email address.

Step3-Fill in the Re-type password and Username.

Step4-Select the country where you live.

Step5-Enter you postal code.

Step6-Click your gender and enter your birth date.

Step7-Check the term Use, Privacy policy box after you read all the legalese.

Step8-Click the Create My Account Button.

Creating a YouTube Channel Using Google Account

Step1- Go to YouTube and sign in.

Step2- Head Over to the YouTube setting.

Step3- Create your Channel.

Step4- Create your Channel name.

  • Uploading a profile picture.
  • Adding a description of your channel.
  • Adding links to your sites.
CONGRATULATIONS, You Create a new YouTube channel.

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