How to earn money with clickbank

How to earn money with Clickbank without any investment

How to earn money with clickbank
Clickbank is a one of best affiliate marketing platform where anyone can make money more than 400$ / day.
ClickBank has more than six-million clients and distributes in 190 countries and has a presence  across a wide variety of lifestyle categories .
Today we are going to learn How to earn money with Clickbank without any investment or little investment .

First of all create your account on ClickBank.
There are some steps which are helpful to create account easily  on ClickBank .

  • Login using your User ID or Password Provided by Cliclbank. 
  • After successful login you'll see your Dashboard, where you can see or manage your account , or earnings .

Now we are going to learn how to work with Clickbank and make money.

After login in your Account you will found Marketplace on top of Dashboard.You can enter by just simple click.

Here you will find product category, actually product category is defined based on product.
here you can select product by choosing category.

When you choose category you will find multiple products with your commission.

Now select your product and follow these steps to get hope link.
(Note: Hope link is used to promote product and one more things these link will connected with your account and your commission depends on these link. )

Here you can see Product and there commission.
Now you can directly get hope link by just clicking Promote Button.
When you on promote button you we redirect to hope link page. Here you have to enter your user id to get hope link.
After these steps you will have your hope link ,that will be helpful for posting your add. you can earn money by just posting this link and promoting this link.

If you want to make money you can use many platform for promotion your affiliate Like Facebook, Google Plus, Twitter, Whatsapp and many other social media platform which can be helpful for free promotion and earning.

Note: We will discuss about other paid method to earn more from ClickBank in our next Post.

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