Keeping in mind the coronavirus and the epidemic that has arisen from it, today we will know what is the coronavirus and where did it come from? Also, we will also know how to stop it

CoronaVirus Stories

 China-born CORONAVIRUS is now an epidemic. So far 430 people have died due to
 Crona virus in China, according to media reports, the death toll is increasing And the number of people infected with this virus is said to be above 20000. 
                           The World Health Organization (WHO) has declared it an international health emergency.

Where did the spread of the CoronaVirus

In the last month of 2019, the virus spread from the non-veg market of WUHAN city of China . Which reached non-veg eaters . According to early research, this virus has reached humans through snakes and bats .  Regarding the CoronaVirus has been reported through the World Health Organization, or the virus has spread to humans using snake bats and wild animals.

Is corona virus treatment possible?

  •       Scientists of the Central Council for Research in Homeopathic have ARSENIC ALB.30 to be used to avoid the virus.

              Note: This medicine is also used to avoid viral flue and many types of disease which is came from many types of virus.

    • Thailand's doctors have developed a drug to avoid the corona virus, according to information, doctors in Thailand have made the drug from a mixture of many other drugs, including T-FLU DRUG , OSELTAMIVIR , LOPENAVIR and RETONAVIR have used.

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